Artists' Co-operative

The Beach Hut Gallery is a co-operative consortium and a member of CO-OPS UK.


Fran Brown Glass maker  Tel: 015395 35125

Martin Copley Raku artist  Tel: 01229 829228

Judy Evans Printmaker  Tel:  07856040160

Robin LeMare  Wood turner & furniture maker  

015395 32497

Laura Pendlebury  Painter  Tel: 015395 34368

Beverley White Printmaker  Tel:  015395 35414


 Commissions welcomed. 



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  1. Aileen Grant avatar
    Aileen Grant Mar 28, 2016

    Hi. Trying to get in touch with Judy Evans. I was given 3 prints by a gallery in Dornie that has recently changed hands. The prints are signed by Judy Evans. Would this be your Judy Evans? If so, can you please tell me more about the artist? I can’t find information anywhere else. Thanks!